What Does Green vs Brown Food Waste Mean?

This idea is well known in the composting world, and is no different for Lomi! 


In basic terms, "greens" refers to nitrogen rich food waste like fruits and vegetables. 

"Browns" refers to carbon rich waste like dried grass or plant clippings, your used charcoal filters, or yard trimmings.

Food waste like rice, pasta, bread, and eggshells don't count as either of these because they are primarily made up of carbohydrates, starch, or calcium (respectively). 


When adding food waste to your Lomi cycles, it's important to consider the balance of your carbon (brown) to nitrogen(green) ratio as well as the wetness or dryness of your food waste.

As we mentioned in our examples, a good source of browns (carbon-rich) would be the leftover charcoal filters inside of Lomi - after you switch to your new ones of course.


Lomi Tip: Always consider the diversity and balance of your food waste to get the best results!

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